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19/02/2004 14:20:20   Simon   Dear All,
Having changed ALL of the rubber within the fuel sytem I think that I have gone wrong/got a twist in a vent pipe??
Car runs fine but on entry to the car, one experiences a v.faint smell of fuel. While there would seem to be a fair amount of back pressure against the filler cap, which one notices on every re-fill. Any pionters to the starting piont for checking (if ya think ya know) would be most appriciated as will be the time saved when I fix it. Many thanks :) s (At this time; enjoying the 96 heater system over any other car).  
19/02/2004 16:57:59   Alec   Difficult to say really, other than there should be no back pressure when you remove the cap so you will just have to recheck all the breather hoses.  
23/02/2004 13:34:49   steve h   I second that. The diagram in the heynes is pretty good. The system is:
the top of the tank is vented to a valve in the filler mouth that only opens when the cap is on to prevent over filling. There is then another pipe that breaths to the atmosphere via that small pipe out of the back of the rear wing so once the cap is on, the top of the tank should breath via the inlet valve and second breather to the atmosphere.

Any help.  
27/03/2004 16:55:10   simon   Thank you for your replys.
Sypmtoms were caused by v. small leak in bottom edge seam of fuel tank. I had not suspected this due to the tanks refit (removed inspection) following restoration at the end of last summer. Any-way are there any new tanks out there? I don't suspect that a 99 (plastic) tank will fit but has anyone tried this?  
29/03/2004 10:15:38   Steve   You can get some petrol tank sealer at
Haven't tried it though, so don't know how good it is.  
01/04/2004 23:18:10   David   I have a serviceable 96 fuel tank (V4 model) that I acquired recently - but I don't have a 96!! Anyone want it for a few quid + postage/delivery (I'll be at the National this year).  
09/04/2004 13:07:45   David   Simon now has my spare tank; the smell of fuel in his 96's boot was almost overpowering! His restored 96 is stunning - trying to persuade him to put some pics in the gallery.  
11/04/2004 21:41:39   Simon   Thank you for the compliment David.
I installed your tank the next day, smelling much better already - almost returned to the leather interior's aroma :-)  
12/12/2004 04:51:35   Cynthia   I also need a fuel tank for my V4. It has a very bad leak and the tank is rusty inside. Rust has gotten into the carburetor. Please advise. I have been looking for a new tank, but am having no luck here in the Wyoming/ Utah area. The car is a 1972 95.  

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