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15/09/2002 22:54:35   Gareth   Hi all
Whilst running fine when warm my engine is reluctant to start from cold. It undoubtably needs a good tune which i have no trouble with but i would like to check the compression. Unfortunately I connot find any typical compression figures can anyone help? I have recently had the rear (everything aft of the front box) of my exhaust replaced and can recommend Bells exhausts for anyone in the swindon area. they made a new system virtually identical to the standard one but with slightly larger pipe and a straight through rear box. The work was of very high standard and reasonable value. The Cars first road rally outing was not very auspicious (crews fault not the car) but we will improve i hope. I will provide pictures when i recieve them.  
17/09/2002 08:33:06   bill rawles   The Haynes gives a compression ratio of 9.0 to 1 which is 134 psi.

Atmospheric pressure is 14.9 psi so if you know your comp ratio to be be different because of modifications or scimming etc simply multiply the comp ratio by 14.9  
18/09/2002 20:53:56   Louis   According to the data I have it should be between 10 and 12 bar, Incase you can't convert from psi. I can't!!!!  
18/09/2002 22:09:21   Gareth   Cheers Guys  
27/09/2002 09:50:33   Kelly M   Hi guys. 1 Bar = 14.5 psi. You guys are great. I live here in S. California (middle of the Mojave Desert). My friends know I'm nuts with all the Land Rovers, Saabs and UniMogs I've had. Later  

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