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24/02/2004 16:37:27   Richard   There are 4 Saabs entered on this years rally which is a round of the British Historic Championship. See the Robin Hood Rally 2004 web page for spectator details, see you there!  
24/02/2004 18:39:26   Alec   What is the web page Richard?  
24/02/2004 18:45:27   Alistair   Rich - many thanks for this, I really must try to make it to the Robin Hood. I've not been a speccie for far too long now (RAC 97 in Wales was my last!!!) and I'd like to support you and the boys.

What stage(s) would you suggest are best for speccies?  
25/02/2004 08:01:17   Richard   Best stage to visit on Sunday will be Clipstone North. Go to the Sherwood pines visitors centre there will be two runs through this area on sligtly different stages and you also have the services a few hundred meters away from the stage. Parking cost 2 all day I think and that is the only charge, if you park up the road you can probably get away with paying nout.
On Saturday you will have to pay to get in to the only spectator night stage at rother valley country park, which will run twice.  
01/03/2004 16:47:28   Richard   Ok, I started the engine on the rally car and the charge light came on. Looking at the altenator there was no drive, the sign of stripped balance shaft gear. The only thing is this engine should not have the fibre gears running up to 6700rpm. I can not believe that the engine was fitted with these, but it was and they have turned into a mash of bits in the bottom of the sump.
So I have had to pull all the front off the car and the front engine cover and drop the sump (I dont have time to pull the engine out and take the sump off). After draining the new oil and chucking it, I played 'scoop the gear bits'in the sump. This was made easy with an old vacuum cleaner that was used to suck the sump clean.
Now I have to put some proper gears on and re-assemble it for the weekend, we will be there, great fun this rallying.  
02/03/2004 16:18:55   Alistair   DO WHAT, MATE?  
02/03/2004 16:22:08   Alistair   Oooh - weird, the reason for my previous post is that the page built with half of Richard's text in the "name" column and it looked v. strange. Now I look like the strange one. Nothing new there then ?!

Still, glad to see my tips on quick & dirty balance shaft gear swaps are coming into play!!  
02/03/2004 16:38:19   Richard   Yep but you MUST get the sump and oil pick up clean of bits  
03/03/2004 17:30:44   Alistair   Good point.

Rich, hope to see you at Clipstone on Sunday. It seems the first run isn't open to speccies but I'll try to get down there early anyway. Is the service halt before or after you run the stage(s)?

Hmm, brings back old memories, I used to go out with a bird from Cuckney just up the road...  
04/03/2004 07:43:09   Richard   There is a service after clipstone north 2, its just across the road from the finish, if you watch on the corners near to the visitor/cafe area you should be ok to get to both.  
05/03/2004 14:43:27   Alistair   Well I'll definitely be there, anyone else going to give our boys some support?  

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