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24/02/2004 19:58:37   ian   nice to see four..yes four SAAB'S out at weekend on eppynt on gremlin night event.....3 v4's and my 2 stroke..getting excited as ben is out in his v4 also....will keep you all posted  
24/02/2004 21:31:25   ben   yep, saabs all round. Watch out them minis'!!  
24/02/2004 22:06:26   ian   hee hee small wheels, small doors, small engines, generally SMALL  
25/02/2004 07:52:50   Richard   A few BIG rocks in the middle of the road for the Minis should give their sump guards something to chew on.  
26/02/2004 12:19:17   Richard   The date for the Gremlin is the 28th Feb which is Saturday night.  

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