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16/09/2002 10:50:45   curtis muir   Does anybody know where I can obtain a set of polyurethane bushes for the rear on a 96v4 and what the price is likely to be.  
16/09/2002 13:02:38   Jason   I want some for front as well as rear Help!  
18/09/2002 21:03:42   louis   I don't know about the back but to my knowlege the front bushes are the same as on 900s. Maybe I am wrong?  
27/09/2002 09:48:30   Kelly M   Early 900 bushings for the front is correct. Also, 99 & early 900 inner driver boots will also fit!  
30/09/2002 19:37:40   Curtis Muir   Thanks for the replies. Will try the 900's for the front and keep looking for new rears.  

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