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29/02/2004 11:42:06   Helen   Hi, does any one know where i can buy a light relay for the head lights ect...for a 1967 v4 ,mine has frazzled its self, i've looked on the euro parts sight, but they have none listed.... my haines manual doesnt show a relay for the year of manufacture, so i am unsure of the product number .the box itsself is a 5 pin with R500.204 and IWF inside a star, 12 volt made in germany... many thanks  
29/02/2004 21:57:54   David   I think I know which bit you are talking about - I'll have a look in my shed (aka 95V4) for one in daylight. As yours has suddenly overheated and burnt out you should look for the cause - blown lamps/fuses, damaged cables, poor earth etc. PS: can't find any mention of it in any of my manuals - but then the wiring diagrams aren't that clever, are they?  
01/03/2004 08:16:28   Helen   Thanks David , Damp a problem with my headlights and a girly meddling with electrics where the causes, but yeah your right , got different fix-it manuals and all the wiring stuff is gobbledy gook... Thanks Again Helen  
15/03/2004 12:09:10   helen   managed to solve the problrem with the help of the guys at the saab restoration company in london, I have replaced both relays with one rely from a saab 99 and works well although i have one wire that is redundant?
thanks for the advise

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