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01/03/2004 11:02:51   Senor Burt   Has the SOC not been offered these several times anyway? I don't think they're interested. Know owt Alistair?
Apparently Highgate are 'changing direction'. Anyone know where they're going?  
01/03/2004 12:19:37   Richard   I think they have sold what they are going to sell on the wheel front. Most people who wanted them have bought a set. Anyway the last time this topic was on the board all hell was let loose, me included, so I can not be bothered with fancy wheels no more.  
01/03/2004 13:33:34   Tom   True enough, so let's put this to rest forever.  
02/03/2004 15:22:32   Alistair   Chaps

Yes the moulds & rights were offered to the Club and yes to date we've declined the offer. The basis being the limited market (even if you consider it globally) for what may remain expensive wheels (it's not like they're going on a 20-30K new car...) meant we were not prepared to risk Club funds on the venture.

But let's try to be a bit scientific here. If the wheels were to be made available for, say 500 a set (which is way below the Highgate price) who would buy a set? Please post your "order" here as a gauge of the market.


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