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01/03/2004 10:25:05   Paul   Hi,
im new to this site and im thinking of buying a tax exempt v4 saab. Cant find much uk info on the web and i was wondering...
Whats parts availability like?
Hows reliability?
How much work do they need (ive got a landy and a spitfire at the mo so this doesnt worry me too much)?
How do running costs go?
Any other tips you might be able to give me?


01/03/2004 10:55:47   Senor Burt   1. Check out the rest of this site for links and info. Most parts are available at fairly reasonable cost.

2. Better than a Spitfire I would have thought. Generally pretty good, V4's are built SOLID.

3. Depends on how good the car is. Generally very little besides normal servicing. They are a fairly easy car to work on once you get used to the little idiosyncrasies.

4. Cheap enough. They don't drink fuel, service parts are cheap, insurance is low.

5. Get one now! Handling is great, freewheel is great fun, performance is pretty fun too. I particularly like the 95 estate version.  
01/03/2004 12:39:14   Richard   Rust check;

Floors; look under the carpets and front foot well.
rear trailing arm mounts; look under the rear seat.
Sills; check at ends and in and around jacking points.
Front air box; area under winscrean, check seam on bulkhead and under dash.
Boot floor; lift up wooden spare wheel cover and look down at the lower seams, particulary the corners down the side of the fuel tank.
Slant housing and top of inner wing; look in the corner where the back seat panel comes together with the top of the inner wing and the damper mounts.
Front supension towers; check lower feet in engine-bay.
front engine floor to bulkhead; check in the back of the engine bay and under the floor where the engine floor and bulkhead come together with the floor pan.
Front edge and top of inner wings; check down near the front lamps in the engine bay also the valance and the top edge where the wing screws through.

These are some of the rust areas. Saabs were electrostatic coated with zinc primer so any rust is usually local.
I run one as everyday transport over the Peaks in Derbyshire and it loves country lanes and snow. They roll a bit but hang on like a limpet.
Spares for a std car are not a problem at the moment, some of the engine bearings are becoming a little harder to obtain. You will not have the spares support of the Triumph though (only MG can come close).  
02/03/2004 17:12:41   chris   suggest that you become a member of the SEC as most of their member are into the older SAAB's and can help with finding spares for the cars  
09/03/2004 12:16:51   Nesnah   Richard's Rust hunt is a brilliant exposť.
He's spot on all the nasty bits I found in my 96 which recently died of rust.

Left me with a pile of bits you might need !

With a few pictures and tips on what could be done in various spots before it's too late it would make a great feature article.  
09/03/2004 12:24:11   Richard   I have some photo's of a car that I rebuilt with rust in nearly all these spots, but they are a bit poor for an artical, so if anyone has shots of these areas maybe Alec could cut and paste something together?  
09/03/2004 12:30:14   Alec   Could do.  

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