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01/03/2004 13:15:37   ian f   Hi Léon,

I've got a Pertronix 1847v kit waiting to be fitted to my V4. I'm pretty sure that it's the correct one for all of the V4's.

Is the website that you've been looking at US-based? I ask because I'm led to believe that Saab stopped exporting V4's to the US in 1974.

01/03/2004 13:33:31   Léon   Ian,

That ofcourse would explain why they went until 1974, but, if saab stopped exporting to the USA, why did they develop the 96 with the big black rubber bumpers, I thought they did that especially for that market?

Let's find out, there will probably be someone on this forum having the Pertronix fitted on their 'late' 96. there definately will be some experiences.
(I only want to hear the good ones though :-)) )  
01/03/2004 13:36:20   Tom   I have fitted the Pertronox on my 1973 and 1980 V4's and i can confirm that it's the same 1847v kit.  
01/03/2004 15:51:32   Léon   OK Tom,

Sounds logic, engine didn't change that much, I just ordered. Probably should have done that in 1987 when I bought the car, on that moment I would have had an economical reason for it. Unless the price of a (annual) set of breaker-points is exploding ofcourse

19/03/2004 14:15:56   David   Can anyone recommend a UK supplier for Pertronix ignition systems and Flamethrower coils? Machine-7 doesn't appear to stock the full range; how about Demon Tweaks?  
19/03/2004 16:33:41   James Ayres   I bought my Petronix from Highgate, as far as I know they stock all the bits-n-bobs.  
19/03/2004 19:10:01   David   Thanks, James. Should have thought of them, really!!  

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