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02/03/2004 12:00:24   paul   Thanks for the advice on the other thread, i think im gonna bite the bullet and buy one.
Ive got my eye on one but it's described as needing 'adjustment to the clutch' being 'a bit fierce'. What does a shagged/good clutch feel like on one of these as i havnt driven one before. Is clutch replacement an engine out job or can you do it in the car?

02/03/2004 12:51:29   Richard   The clutch it a pain mainly due to poor replacement units around. Clutch juddler is a common thing which can be cured by using a good quality replacement, making sure the fly wheel is in good condition, replacing worn spiggot bush and making sure the engine and gearbox mountings are good and tight.
If the plate is worn towards its limit then the clutch will bite at the top of the pedal even though the free play on the clutch slave is set to 4mm. To test the free play on the clutch slave look down the top left of the gear box and you will see the slave, pull back the rubber boot a push the arm, it should be set to 4mm play. the clutch adjuster is on the right of the box in similar location to the clutch slave.  
02/03/2004 12:54:24   Richard   Oh, you need to remove the engine to replace the clutch. It all comes out of the front due to the enclosed engine bay with the removal of the front panel and rad to give access.  
06/03/2006 19:33:44   John Wood ( "Woody")   Is it time that contributors have to sign in with a password? These dickheads are spoiling the site.  
06/03/2006 21:54:03   Julian   I agree. Paswords would keep these tossers off the site. How about it??  
06/03/2006 21:56:02   john wyatt   I know it can be a pain but generally this site is not too badly affected by the crap of the past day orso, passwords can be a pain for people just browsing.  
06/03/2006 23:24:24   Tom   there should definatly be a membership/password thing. or some sort of filter to block these stupid ad's as its really annoying and i haven't seen them on any other forums that i frequent and they all require passwords etc. i would be all for it!  

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