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08/03/2004 16:18:40   toby burnham   i have just unearthed a pair of spot lamps from a factory prepaired renault alpine rally car,and thought these would look good on the front of my 96. i have noticed that spot lamps on 96 rally cars sit proud of the front bumper as to clear the bonnet when fully open,does anybody know weather the brakets bolted throught the bumper or the there any alternator out there that fits the 96 as the standard unit is only rated at 35 amps  
09/03/2004 13:18:51   steve h   If you look back through the forum using the google box you will find much discussion on alternators.

I have a 70A vectra (I think, or corsa or astra)alternator fitted which is the same as the original bosch one but with built in regulator and it runs backwards. You will also need a bit of hifi bracket to reach the top mounting. Take your old one to Halfords and do a contrasts and compare exercise. Ive been running this way for well over a year now with no problems.  
09/03/2004 13:19:46   steve h   and look at the mail above about mounting spot lights  

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