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17/09/2002 13:25:14   Steve H   Following an entertaining late night trip along the M4 with headlights gradually getting dimmer after either my voltage regulator of alternator failed while queing to get out of london, I have found a modern alternative alternator.
A extreamly helpful asistant in Halfords Bridgend went though every alternator on the shelves with me until we found one that matched the important dimensions. The result was anything from the vaughall (Cavalier, astra, nova etc.). This means a up to 70A with built in regulator can be fitted which is of course much beter than the standard 35A unit. The only modification that is needed is a extention to the top tensioning bracket that I improvised out of a car hifi bracket.
The alternator cost 89 but you get 25 back if you give them your old alternator. Or im sure for far less in a junk yard.  
18/09/2002 18:52:14   Alec   Well done Steve, it is always useful to know what alternative parts we can all use as they are getting thin on the ground now.  
27/09/2002 09:46:59   Kelly M   There is a guy here in the states that has fit a Mitsubishi 75A (part #14879). It's a small alt. so it fits quite well.  
28/07/2006 21:45:07   Stefan   this is no secret but it is a lot easier to use the late Saab 99 alternator, also available as 70A and bolts straight on.  
30/07/2006 15:27:47   Jonathan Dennis   My '70 96 has an alternator from a 900 that was installed by the previous owner, I forget the exact amperage.  
08/08/2006 08:18:25   JAKE   the alt from the h engine 99 900 are also a straight swap with the single pully it is no problem  

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