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09/03/2004 12:15:43   dhpaul   Does anyone know if there is going to be a Steam & Spares day near Nottingham this May?  
09/03/2004 12:28:50   Richard   No, the spares meet is in Cumbria with the national SOC meet this year. I have been looking into holding a spares meet around Sept, it will be indoors if it goes ahead and will raise money for Cancer Research. The site is near the M1 just North of Sheffield. Tell me what you think.  
09/03/2004 12:31:37   Alec   Yes, shame about the spares weekend and the national. It has been organised for a normal weekend not in the school holidays which makes it next to impossible for me to go!  
09/03/2004 13:10:19   steve h   and so far away from civilisation. (Nottingham was bad enough)  
09/03/2004 15:24:06   Alistair   You mean so close to civilisation!!! Would be quite handy for me, except I'm on holiday in Scotland at the time - dunno what was wrong with the traditional weekend in July...  
09/03/2004 16:51:36   Richard   Nice area, but dragging a V4 tent and spares through Cumbrian roads?????? I dont think it will get the support from people who normally go to sell at spares meetings.
The problem with the national was the cost (this ones cheap though which is good). If you are selling spares would you have to pay the entry fee, then on top of that the fee for the pitch? This stops all the people wanting to sell a few bits and bobs, as its not worth the hassle taking them. Which is why I believe you want a seperate spares meeting/s.
I can rent a good size hall in a comunity centre with a good car park and the right insurance for one day for 100.
I think the commitee needs to get behind having a couple of spares meetings a year. If I do this it will be me and my friends doing it for a good cause (our landlord and friend died from cancer at the age of 28 a few weeks ago).  
09/03/2004 16:51:53   dhpaul   Thanks guys. Disappointing news for those of us in east anglia. Nottingham is tolerable, but Cumbria is one hell of a way!  
09/03/2004 18:23:35   Alec   My local branch of SOC tried to organise one a few years back but struggled to get any interest from the dealers.
We are camping again this year at Tallington Lakes, I suppose I could see if the rally field is free for the weekend and organise it in with our weekend if SAAB Owners and our branch was interested.  
09/03/2004 19:51:18   john   It will be nice to have something that is within reasonable V4 driving distance from central Scotland for a change, will be a shame if there is a poor turnout from traders.

10/03/2004 07:36:47   Richard   I think a couple of events one northern one southern would be a good idea. The general problem is people who own Saabs do bugger all, I am in a number of other one make clubs who have 10 times more events, twice the number of cars at events and only 500 members. Like Alec said you organise something and dont get any support, so why bother?
10/03/2004 18:59:15   Alistair   In my opinion, apathy in the Club is definitely an issue, and yet people are very quick to whinge about things they don't like.

Mind you, the Keswick location isn't going to take you up any iffy roads, it's dual carriageway virtually all the way from the M6!
10/03/2004 18:59:57   Alistair   BTW, I'm not having a dig at anyone here about "whingeing", it's just a general observation...  
10/03/2004 23:27:32   ian f   Would anybody be interested in a Spares Day in Harrow, N.London?  
11/03/2004 08:24:19   Alec   It's a big problem changing the weekend of the National outside of School holidays though. I don't know anyone in my branch who is going this year because of this and we normally all go!  
13/03/2004 20:31:45   David   Well, for the first time ever, we are going to the National this year, althoughI suspect that I won't be taking one of the V4s 'cos it's taking longer to get it back on the road than planned (nothing new there!). Pity about S&S but the guy who used to organise it is moving to a new home/business in Wales. For those of us in the South/Middle bit, there is the Classic Aero/Auto Jumble and Vintage Aircraft Fly-in at Popham Airfield (A303 just off the M3 west of Basingstoke) in May. Classic car owners can register with the B'stoke Car Club (and get in free!). I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed it - met up with a small bunch of Saab nuts who were all extremely friendly and knowledgable - I plan to go again this year. Didn't find any Saab aircraft bits to put in my V4 though!!
PS: don't forget the Kodak meet in Harrow on Sat 27th March  
15/03/2004 14:16:13   steve h   Ian. Harrow would be great. But do you mean the kodak event above? (Which..err.. i can't make) Not apathetice, just busy going places in the V4.  
14/04/2004 17:45:01   john wyatt   when is the weekend in Keswick?.

20/04/2004 23:16:53   David   The SOC National is at Keswick Rugby Club from Friday 18th thru Sunday 20th June. Easily accessible from J39 or J40 of the M6. Watch the SOC website for details (and Al is bound to post a reply sometime!). See you there.  

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