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12/03/2004 08:55:18   dhpaul   I have 165/15 tyres on the front of my 96. Am I correct in thinking that this will cause my speedo to underread? Reason I ask is I got one of these roadside speed warning signs to light up at a lower indicated speed than in my other car at the same place.
12/03/2004 09:35:06   Alistair   Yes but it will on be a very small percentage - 8mm additional radius, maybe a couple of mph at most?  
12/03/2004 12:15:04   Richard   usually most 165's for the Saab have a 80 profile with no great increase in tread width.  
12/03/2004 13:23:38   Tom   I've noticed that those speed warning signs pick up cars travelling in the oppsite direction, also they don't always seem to be that accurate!  
12/03/2004 14:31:38   steve h   also speedos are allowed to be 10% out and still deemed 'accurate'.  

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