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14/03/2004 20:29:45   Alistair   Been contacted by a chap with a 95 roof rack, built to hold up to 12 wheels & tyres - ideal for your 95 service barge! Right now it's going rusty in his back garden (Lancs) and he's happy to give it away to a good home. If you're interested, get in touch.  
21/03/2004 20:37:06   swanny   i might be back in touch soon, I'm hopefully getting hold ofmy first ever v4 - a garage stored 95 in 4 weeks or so. if it doesnt have terminal metal worm i might have a use for a rack for her.

i'll be back!

22/03/2004 12:34:00   Senor Burt   I contacted this chap with a view to getting this rack. It's apparently a massive thing that extends 2ft over the front of the car and is in need of a little repair. I decided it wasn't for me.  

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