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15/03/2004 17:32:37   toby   just found a vauxhall alternator that will fit the 96,does any body know how wire it up and what to do with the regulater loom  
15/03/2004 17:55:42   Alec   I believe you can just dump the regulator loom.  
16/03/2004 11:17:47   Senor Burt   What model V**xh*ll? 9-3 or 9-5?
Seriously though, I'd be interested to know for future reference.
If the 96 plug doesn't fit into the back of it, you should be able to fit other connectors and/or extend the wiring that fitted onto the regulator. You just have to work out what connections correspond with the ones on the original.  
23/03/2004 12:16:27   Nesnah   I have 2 working ex-96V4 alternators to go,
3 distributors, all relays, switches, harnesses ... uNameIt
Nothing more than 5 plus post.
26/03/2004 14:13:48   steve h   Yes, yes.. doesnt anybody listen.
(for the fourth time)
I have had one of these modern alternators in my v4 for getting on for 2 years.
Dump the regulator and its sub loom. Just bolt on the main positive loops to the positive bolt and plug on the ignition warning light wire. Job done  
26/03/2004 19:27:26   jake   yes i agree with steve that sounds like the job on mine and it runs ok  
27/03/2004 15:18:45   Alec   Steve,
How about a picture or 2, a few words and some part/model numbers for a small technical article to help others?
27/03/2004 17:21:43   Senor Burt   It would certainly save you having to repeat yourself for a fifth time.
Sorry, I wasn't listening the first 3 times.  
29/03/2004 13:33:02   steve h   oops.. almost volenteering for a club activity. Very un V4 owner of myself.

The halfords part number for the alternator is HAL434 and then I just used a couple of bolts and a hi fi restraining bracket to extend the top tensioning stay.

If the urge comes over me, i might take a photo.  
30/03/2004 11:24:38   Senor Burt   Do you know what model this alternator is from Steve? I am more likely to acquire one from my local scrapyard rather than Halfords.  
01/04/2004 14:38:38   steve h   I think its a vectra or astra. If you can wait till next week, I can dig out the box and look properly.  
01/04/2004 17:26:46   Senor Burt   No hurry, I'm just curious for future reference.  

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