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17/03/2004 12:06:05   paul   Ive just bought a saab 96 ('72), and i need to change the fluids etc coz it hasnt been driven for a while. Problem is at some point in the past the level plug on the gearbox has been butchered (i think it used to be hex) so im having difficulty getting it out. Does anyone have any good ideas?  
17/03/2004 14:27:11   Steve B   Hi Paul,
Does the level plug have an internal socket for undoing it ?
If it has, then it is usually a square socket. Last time I did this I used the 3/4" drive on the end of my socket set to undo it. If not then there are proper square drive tools available from motor shops which you can use with a spanner.
17/03/2004 18:11:14   Alec   No, the level plug is a square peg that you can fit an adjustable onto normally. If it won't come out you will have to drain it well and then put in the recommended amount.  
18/03/2004 07:51:59   Richard   As far as I know all the gearbox drains are a square peg. The filling plugs can vary from peg to socket. Try grinding some flats back on. So you can get a spanner on to it. Some penetrating oil and a little heat on the alloy casing around the plug may do the trick.
Just a point, you need to get the filler and level plugs loose before removal of the drain plug, which normally is easy to remove due to it being at the bottom of the box with oil above it.  
18/03/2004 07:56:55   paul   I was going to drain it and put the right amount of fluid in last night, but the drain plug is in too tight to loosen it with a pair of pliers, does anyone know where i could find the right tool to fit the plug? The plug has two D shaped recesses either side of a ridge, kinda like the opposite of a flat head screw?  
18/03/2004 08:56:27   Alec   I always pull the freewheel attachment out of the top to fill up as it is easier to get into.  
18/03/2004 18:32:56   simon   Dear Paul,
make a tool up out of an old wheel bolt. This should be the correct diameter, just requiring a slot to be cut. One then has a hex for your tools to attach.  
19/03/2004 10:24:12   dhpaul   I too will shortly be changing the gearbox oil. I have located the filler plug on the top, but I hadn't noticed a separate level plug. Whereabouts is this, and does it work like one of my other cars that you know you have the correct amount of oil in when it starts to come out of the level plug hole?  
19/03/2004 12:25:30   Richard   Yes. And its on the left side.  
22/03/2004 09:25:11   dhpaul   Thanks Richard. I looked hard but couldn't spot the level plug. Is it a square 3/8" recess like the filler plug, and on the offside? Is it visible from the top or would I have to be under the car?  
25/03/2004 13:01:14   paul   Thanks for the help guys, i made the tool from the old wheel bolt and got the drain plug out eventually before topping up with the right amount of ep90.  
26/03/2004 12:29:52   Richard   You have look for the level plug from the engine bay, it will be a small square fitting for a socket (similar to a brake adjuster and not much bigger).  
26/03/2004 13:53:35   steve h   The special tool I have for taking out the drain plug is a spare 10mm socket with a groove put in it with an angle grinder. I then hold it in the plug with a trolley jack under a wrench with an extention on to give more torque. All this means you can undo it in a controlled way without rounding the plug further.  

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