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17/03/2004 19:19:11   ERIK   Hi, I'm the proud owner of a 96 (1978), bought it half a year ago and have some questions before putting it back into traffic. How can I fit some rear seatbelts for my kids? Do you really need to weld some kind of attachment to the bottom or are there other ways of doing it? Question n 2 : what's the best way to loosen the brakes as I feel they got a bit stuck during this 6 months.  
17/03/2004 19:54:35   john   Dear Erik, the mounts are all in place for fitting proper seatbelts on your 96, if your brakes are sticking best best is recon calipers see links on this page regarding these, this is always a problem on V4's.

29/03/2004 13:40:25   steve h   yes all the rear fixings were built in as standard. Just get a three point kit from soemone like europa and bolt it in. If you dont like seeing an ugly box in the rear corners (as I didnt) you can fit reinforcement plates in the boot and use a four point kit. I have done it both ways.  

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