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18/03/2004 14:53:05   Steve   Guys,
My V4 seems to be using a lot of petrol and always smells like it's running rich. The plugs are black and it needs no choke to start.
My car has the FoMoCo carb. I've tried lowering the idle and adjusting the volume screw to get the best running but this hasn't helped. Are there any other adjustments/checks I can make ?
18/03/2004 15:22:22   Alec   Probably a sticking or dirty float valve. Take the top off the carb (disconnect auto choke first) and clean the flot bowl and needle out. Check the condition of your fuel filter as well.  
18/03/2004 16:42:31   ian   or throw the carb away!!!  
18/03/2004 17:08:45   Senor Burt   Have you changed the air filter recently?

Gunson's Colourtune is a nice cheap device for checking your mixture and carb operation.  
26/03/2004 14:17:06   steve h   I bet the air bleed jet behind the main jet has come loose. It can be pressed back in if you take the main jet out first. You are really better to chuck the carb though and get a modern replacement. It will pay for itself in fuel savings in no time.  
26/03/2004 15:39:11   Steve   Thanks for the help guys, I'll check the air bleed jet tonight. Ultimately, if I decide to replace the carb, what do you recommend ? I'm not looking for extra performance particularly, just economy and reliability (it's my daily drive). Any advice ?  
27/03/2004 13:07:11   Senor Burt   Weber 34 ICH  
14/06/2004 00:10:01   Robert Richardson   hi, my car has a webber 34 ICH and wen u pull away it stutters until the revs rise then its fine. how can i adjust it?
thanks Rob  
14/06/2004 10:24:56   Senor Burt   Are you sure it's the carb? Could be timing/ignition/distributor related.
About the only adjustment you can do is the fuel mixture. If this is OK, then maybe the accelorator pump isn't working right. Take off the air filter and look down the carb while moving the linkage fairly fast. You should see a jet of fuel squirting out. If not, the accelerator pump diaphragm may need replacing, or the jet unblocking.
Has it always been like that, or has it just started to happen?  
15/06/2004 12:19:10   Richard   Most likely to be ignition related. Do what Burt says above and if needed take the top off and clean the jets etc(easy on these carbs).  

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