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22/03/2004 07:58:45   Richard   I have just purchased a cheap rally car for use on tarmac. Its not a Saab, but a Skoda 120S. Yes give me your best Skoda jokes! In fact it is well balanced, the engine is easy to remove, its got 98bhp with no porting on the head and a road rally cam, so we could get well over 100bhp from it if we wanted. Not a Saab, but still a little different.  
22/03/2004 08:38:53   Alec   Yeah - I should just keep quite about that if I was you. Did you get some dark sunglasses to wear with it?  
22/03/2004 11:39:27   Alistair   Actually I used to know of one round Chester that was f. quick, much more so than my V4. Bloke couldn't drive it mind you, so I could usually keep up ;-)  
22/03/2004 12:27:34   Richard   I think I need to wear a small animal on my head to fit in with the Czech look. If you have a ginger cat you can put on my head for the Procare Stages then I will take it. If you use a different word for cat, that last line becomes very erh erh.  
23/03/2004 12:51:57   Alistair   fnaar fnaar  

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