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18/09/2002 21:00:23   Louis   Any of you guys know the code/part numbers for the lumination ignition kit for the 96 V4?  
19/09/2002 16:39:16   bill rawles   The fitting kit is LUMFK221. The optic eye and power module are universal for 4 cylinder cars. Try Demon Tweeks if you are struggling or Lumention direct. D Tweeks are very helpful and usually interested in anything as well as the boy racer stuff - the person I spoke to there told me the distibutor is the same as the Ford Pinto (which makes sense) so very common.  
23/09/2002 21:35:15   jake   the saab enthusiasts mag had a add piece for this very product, if not last year then it was the year before and i think it was priced at around sixty pounds Łuk jake  
26/09/2002 14:09:55   Steve H   There is also a cheaper magnetic version from both luminition and an other company called the ignitor that i have had fitted to one of our cars for a few years now. It seems to work just as well and is completely self contained within the distributor. Does anyone else have any positive or negative fews on each sort?  
27/09/2002 09:43:07   Kelly M   Are you talking about the Pertronix ignition? It works great. Have one in my '68 Saab 96 and had one in my '73 SIII Land Rover ($60). Never a problem. They also make a 40KV coil for $30  

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