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24/03/2004 19:43:11   Alistair   Practical Classics have conducted a reader survey of their favourite classic cars and the 95/96 range is in their top 100. They urgently need a really good 95 or 96 - V4 or stroker - for a photoshoot with the other 99 fave classics at Rockingham on MONDAY APRIL 5.

If you have a mint car and can make the day (a full day event, itinerary from me) then please email me direct:

26/03/2004 15:44:57   toby   ref practical classics top 100, i think that the 96v4 should make the top 10.very cheap to run,good perfomance for a 1500cc engine that is over 35 years old. i have just started to run a 96v4 as an everyday car (did a swop from a 900 turbo). 3 owners,54,000 miles in orange with a loverly chocolate brown interior.apart from a rally mini i owened,this saab is the best handling car i have driven  

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