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03/04/2004 13:35:46   paul   Ok guys, heres a real challenge for you...
When i brake hard with the wheels dead ahead, and turn in on the brakes, i get a clunk from the front end (sounds like right hand side). It only occurs when im turning right, and i can feel the noise through the brake pedal and steering wheel aswell, it also seems to be intermitant.
It wasnt causing me too much worry, but it got alot louder when i took the car out yesterday. I had a good look around but cant see anything obvious on the suspension (marks where somethings catching etc...)
Any ideas would be a great help thanks.  
03/04/2004 20:00:12   ian   check the caliper bolts  
05/04/2004 08:30:13   Steve   This can also be the caliper pivot pin. These can wear and become loose giving a clonking sound under braking. It can be intermittent depending on how the caliper is sitting before the brakes are applied. This often shows up during direction changes ie: braking in reverse makes the caliper clonk and move downwards, braking forwards then makes it clonk again as the caliper move upwards.
I think the only cure for this is a reconditioned caliper.  
05/04/2004 14:02:41   steve h   I have a similar noise from both my V4s but i always put it down to them repositioning themselves after forward then reverse braking as the other steve suggest above. Ive never really worried. If it happen repeatedly while going forward it sounds different. Check your pads are not near the end of their lives.  
06/04/2004 17:44:44   paul   I had a look at the brakes today, and they seem to be ok. I didnt check the tightness of the mounting bolts, but the tab washers look ok so i dont think they've moved. There doesnt seem to be any movement up or down, so i guess the pivot pin is ok. Also it doesnt make the clunk going from forwards to backwards or the other way round, only under hard braking going forward. The pads seem fine, except the inner pad is alot more worn than the outer pad. The other thing i noticed is it seems to get worse as its driven hard, maybe as the brakes warm up?
Thanks for the suggestions so far, any more ideas?  
06/04/2004 18:11:31   ian   new pads  
07/04/2004 10:44:36   paul   When i was poking around the suspension i noticed what looks like a second set of caliper mount on the front of the hub. has anyone tried fitting two calipers to the front wheels (might be able to lose the servo with the extra braking power)? Also does anyone know would be good fast road/rally pads for the front brakes?  
07/04/2004 10:46:53   paul   That last bit was supposed to say: does anyone know what would be good fast road/rally pads for the front, a university education and i still can't construct a basic sentance!!  
07/04/2004 12:46:33   Richard   mintex 1144  
09/04/2004 09:58:26   paul   Have you got a part no for those pads richard, only the mintex site only has a catalogue for standard replacement pads and none of my local shops have catalogues that go far enough back in time for my car...?
13/04/2004 14:10:13   steve h   to get back to the original problem - I concur with Ian. I had a grinding noise under heavy braking down hill when mine were on their way out. New pads cured it.
Dont go for the original equipment pads. They put black dust everywhere.  
14/04/2004 12:41:24   Richard   Check your pads fit well in the caliper. Over the years the caliper can wear causing the pad to move around when the brakes are applied. The clunk is probably everything alining. You can build weld and file the caliper to get a good fit. You may find one area more worn than another as the pads are worn down.  
09/09/2004 16:02:57   Matty   I was hoping you could help me with my problem. It is similar to Paul's problem, only it happens when I brake in reverse. To me it sounds as if it is going to fall apart!! Almost as if it is locking up, and it comes from the front, maybe even only the left side.
I had just changed the left caliper, because while trying to change the pads, the bolt was "melted" in the caliper, and had to get new caliper and torque plate..... so the caliper is new and so are bolts.

Any suggestions? Should I take it off and readjust it?
Like I said, it only does it in reverse.  
10/09/2004 07:40:20   Richard   The caliper will be a recon so they could still be movement in the pads. The noise could be the pads settling when going in reverse.  
15/09/2004 08:29:15   paul   Just thought id drop in an update on the problem:
Think it was the c.v. joint, it made the noise under left foot braking the other day, and then the c.v. joint broke (large balls and fragments of metal rolling arround in the c.v. boot!!), so i think that a failing cv may have been the problem... Good news is it still drove 20 miles home without complaining as long as i didnt go near full lock! hows that for dependability....  
15/09/2004 11:54:19   Alistair   Left-footing will certainly throw any potential driveshaft problems into sharp relief I guess ;-)  
15/09/2004 12:41:05   Richard   CVs do wear but I have not had any V4 with that problem. The test is to drive on full lock in circles, apart from going dizzy the shaft will clunk as the wheel goes round. Torque-steer is another sign of driveshaft wear. If the car goes one way under power then the other when you lift off the shafts could be worn.  
16/09/2004 13:53:33   Tony   I have driven 96s and 95s for over 25 years and never had a a drive shaft problem. I thought I did once when awful noises came from the off-side front wheel when I pulled away from the kerb in a Reading side street, but found I had a traffic cone wedged in the inner wing!
Clonking from the front brakes is a part of the character of these vehicles!  
17/09/2004 11:13:41   Alistair   If the CV boot has leaked at any time and it's been starved of lube, then I guess terminal wear is possible. First time I've heard of one disintegrate like that though.  
26/10/2005 18:32:32   paul   got it! pad retaining spring on right hand caliper has broken, allowing the outside pad to move around in the caliper, not alot but enough to clunk about occasionaly! :)  
26/10/2005 21:32:38   chris   I have driven a V4 for about 25years ( the same one!) and had to weld up both calipers at one time or anouther as the bottom of the slot for the outer pad gets worn and the pad moves about I had one that got so bad the pad droped inwards and rubbed on the hub so dont let then get to bad  
27/10/2005 15:59:32   Paul   I was thinking of getting reconditioned ones anyway at some point, anyone have any recomendations?  
27/10/2005 22:31:35   John Wood ( Woody)   I used to get a clunk under breaking, and found in my case it was caused by a weakened spring at the caliper pivot. This was not helped by the fact that the top spring which keeps the pivoting part firm against the fixed side of the caliper was ineffective as the bar has seized on its post. I put in a new bottom spring and ensured that the upper spring was released and could do its job. A broken cylinder retaining spring also caused some noise under breaking and a sensation could be felt through the brake pedal. Subsequently had the calipers shot blasted and are waiting reassembly.  

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