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06/04/2004 16:43:51   Max   Hello,
does anyone know the correct jetting to a Weber 32/36 DGV carb when used on a standard 1500ccm engine (2bbl inhaust) together with 2" Sports exhaust, 7.2mm street cam and High power electronic ignition? I've got some general values about the jets, but I need to know more exact (maybe after a testing of the car in carburetor specialist)...

I would be very glad if someone answered!!

Greetings from southern Germany,

96V4 '75  
06/04/2004 16:47:44   Max   ...Oh I forgot to say that I am using this carb in cobination with a K&N airfilter - i don't know if this matters but we'll see.  
07/04/2004 11:16:22   Max   Hi Jonathan,
thank you for your reply! I think I try these jettings one time...
But have you experienced how much the average consumption raises in normal cruising conditions (compared to stock V4 with 1bbl manifold and FoMoCo carb)?
Do you think that Jack Ashcraft did test the carburetor setup seriously on a dyno, I mean will all CO and other values be OK in every drift setuation?

Best wishes to you also,

07/04/2004 12:36:43   Richard   The later saab v4's with the twin solex had better fuel consumption than the single carb. If correctly set-up the weber should show little difference to the std carb on fuel consumption.
You would need to know the choke sizes for the above set-up. Basically I have seen V4's run fine on anything from 24-26 chokes. The jetting will be different for the choke selected. The choke selection is based on engine cc and where you require the engine to pull from and to. Bigger chokes for top end, smaller chokes for low to mid range. Then the jets can be selected, the ones above are probably for the smaller choke sizes.  
07/04/2004 12:44:53   Richard   Ok, I was thinking about the 28/36 not the 32/36, but similar thinking applies. You will need larger chokes over a standard engine running on the same carb to give you the power at high revs. My advise would be to go to a rolling road and have the carb set up. Two engines are never the same even if built alike.  
04/03/2006 23:21:42   Alex   I have the following jets on the Sonett (which has a 1500 engine, K&N airfilter, Pertronix ignition, Highgate exhaust and slightly enlarged exhaust manifold to match the pipe diameter of the Highgate exhaust):
primary secondary
primary 130 135
emulsion F50 F6
air 160 165
idle 55 50
acc pump 50
venturies 3,5 3,5

It could be that I swapped some of the jets between primary and secundary in order to get rid of a hesitation that appears when the car is accellerating. Also when flooring at high revs the engine hesitates a moment before it runs on to the maximum of 5500 rpm. If you have a more agressive cam it is quite likely you need bigger jets than this. The engine does about 11+km per litre petrol. A Sonett III is only some 100 kg lighter than a 96 so my guess is that an average of 10km per litre should be feasible for you.  

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