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14/04/2004 17:47:00   john wyatt   Can anyone recommend a source for the rubber piping/beading for the rear wings, or alternatively does anyone have a complete set of good original type ones they are willing to part with.

Thanks Jonny  
14/04/2004 17:55:12   Alec   Not sure if Woolies may be able to help with this. Funnily enough they are about 2 miles from my house. I must go down sometime and see if they can supply this and also the front panel seals for future reference.  
14/04/2004 20:03:03   ian   the kits were available from highgate...including fixings..very expensive but all correct  
15/04/2004 08:01:40   Richard   I bought some from Stoneleigh Kit car show last year. The trim is really cheap, I will have a look through my book and see if I wrote down the supplier.  
15/04/2004 15:24:47   Senor Burt   Beetle beading can be used, but you've got to cut it and put your own holes in. Available is a variety of colours too!  
16/04/2004 10:15:49   Alistair   Jonny - I put some info on a source for this in one of my early Driver articles, suggest you have a trawl back through the last 5 or 6 issues.  

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