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15/04/2004 08:09:48   Richard   Had my white hillclimb car running for the first time at the weekend. The noise this thing makes is like hell,the exhaust is quiet compared to the rally car, but the engine without filters on is something else.
Just got the rear brakes to swap over and dampers to fit, then on to the bits and bobs list and Clarabell will be back on the road. Any other new V4 resto's going to be out this year?  
15/04/2004 15:25:53   Senor Burt   I'm hoping to have my Gnarly 96 ready for the Keswick National.(he says!)  
16/04/2004 09:34:16   Alistair   Well if I can get my act together I might just be able to finally extract & collect MCP's oldest 96, make room for it in the garage, collect the 4 new wings I've bought for it, get them painted & fit them and then, maybe by Xmas I'll have it on the road !!!  
16/04/2004 12:36:23   Richard   Well done you have a V4! Now I have a Vauxhall, great! Well my grandad gave it me when he stopped driving. Its a bit boring and total rubbish in the wet. Its a mk 3 Astra and at the moment I am enjoying grinding the out side edge of the mud flaps off when cornering hard.  
16/04/2004 16:58:35   Alistair   Well, I haven't actually got it yet but the intention is there! At least now I'm committed to spend some on parts I'll have to get it up here soon.

I had 2 Mk3 Astras (or was it Mk4?), either way, a 95 1.8 16v sport and a 97 2.0 16v sport repmobile. Great fun they were, and the 2.0 was pretty damn quick (136bhp, about 120bhp/ton). Just a bit fragile (cam belt went on 1.8 @ about 65K miles) and v. stiff so skittish in the wet. Used to eat front tyres like they were going out of fashion. Or was that my driving?!  
18/04/2004 00:52:13   Colin   The 1800 is out and about, I'm saving every penny @ present to do the historic RAC in Nov. If we enter I'll be modifying from the 40DFI back to the twin 45's. There will be no practice prior to the event, can't afford. I started investigating the logistics of servicing the car on this 4 day event, they are gargantuan, especially the tyres / wheels. Thinking of doing a garage sale of some of my more unusual non sport and rally stuff, tinted windscreens / square clockes and the like to help pay for a sadly needed respray.  
18/04/2004 17:24:31   Senor Burt   Colin - What else might you be selling besides clocks & windscreens?  
18/04/2004 18:10:48   john wyatt   when and where are you thinking of having your garage sale Colin?  
18/04/2004 18:13:45   john wyatt   My 96 should hopefully see the road before the end of April, not really a resto. just wings and windows out couple little pieces of welding and a paint, then get my newly purchased 96 roof rack on  
19/04/2004 08:10:42   Richard   I looked at doing the RAC and worked out out fuel costs B&B and tyre costs and to do in on a shoe string would be 3000-4000 (including the entry). Try colway or someone for some sponsorship. Andrew Street is ment to be doing it and he suggested to me that Saab GB may be worth a try for some sponsorship if a team of Saabs were on the cards.
My car has been a bit unreliable as of late with odd bits breaking that should not, so the RAC would be a monumental waste of money for me on present form. I would rather spend that kind of money on lots of events.
Still going testing on Friday at blyton 45 for the full day (9:00-4:30), if anyone is interested in coming contact Rally Drive (they have a web page), as far as I know you do not need a competition licence.  
19/04/2004 09:28:06   Colin   Our initial budget for the RAC looks like 4,500, and that was without chase car. But the issue of finding the logistical space in addition to the service kit for 17 spare tyre / wheels is a concern. I've only got 8 4 1/2" steel rims, so I guess I'll be looking to borrow some if the event becomes a goer.  
19/04/2004 12:43:01   Richard   I will probably be a bit bored around that time of the year, so if you need a had give us a shout. The other option is to saddle up with a supplier that will change the tyre in the service area for you, which would mean they carry them for you and you need less wheels.  
19/04/2004 12:48:10   Richard   Colin, who is Co-driving for you? Mr Darlington? He has turned into a full time co-driver these days!  
19/04/2004 13:36:50   Colin   Thanks for the offer re assistance, it's really early days yet, I'm waiting for the regs to be released. The navy is 90% sure of competing and is someone I used on the Cartel in the 80's, when Dalby et all would be used for 2 solid days of rallying, with 4 hrs sleep in Scarborough. Eh they don't know their born nowadays!

Re tyres, yes thought about a mobile tyre supplier, but there's so much road use left in the tyres, after their competitive edge has been lost. I hate to see all that tread being thrown away. Bah! Humbug!  
19/04/2004 17:15:48   Richard   Better shoe horn the engine back into the car for the trackday. I hope it rains so I can get an old set of Colway M&S on and have some fun, or a set of Barums!  

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