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15/04/2004 16:52:33   bill   Does anybody know if the suspension ball joints from the 90/99 range are the same as v4 ones? I can get the saab part numbers if required if any-one can confirm. Thanks  
16/04/2004 07:21:29   bill   Disregard the above, I've discovered that they are not! Doh!  
16/04/2004 07:54:02   Richard   I usually get them from Europarts for about half the price other people sell them at.  
16/04/2004 20:37:18   simon   Dear Bill, Change all four.  
17/04/2004 11:56:23   simon   ps: I went through a full set of Euro-car-parts ball joints within 4 months (6k miles) on the lowered 99 (road car). Consequently found German and Swedish to offer OE at very similar prices to Euro-c-p.  
19/04/2004 08:13:45   Richard   I have used Euro ball joints for a full seasons rallying in the forests and they are still fine. Try using extra grease in the cup as most ball joints have very little in them.  

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