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19/04/2004 10:46:30   David Galsworthy   Does anybody know of a reasonable garage - my 96 is due for its MOT and needs and service and putting through the MOT


David Galsworthy  
19/04/2004 12:36:09   Richard   Steve at Malbrads in Huddersfield is worth a call for a service and pre-MOT check, but I dont think he does MOT's. I would just take it to a local garage that has had a few old cars in from time to time.
We have fun with our local garage over the MOT for some of the older cars as they seem to think some of the newer regs apply, so I get them to look in the book to prove the point.
There are also some silly things in the MOT test. For instance our 1929 morris has a split windscreen which is larger than a fly screen and has one wiper on the drivers side. The MOT says that it does not need to have any wipers but if it does it should have a washer system which the car did not require when made. The washer system would probably spray water in your face and as you can easily look over the screen you do not need one, so to pass the MOT you take the wiper off and put it back later.  
19/04/2004 21:48:21   Simon   Dear Richard,
How about an inventory of your 'collection', with a brief summery of each ones engaging charactristics?
Morris, Saab, Saab, Saab, Scoda . . . .  
20/04/2004 08:00:57   Richard   Just social chat. We have own numerious old cars, just using this example to show how stupid the MOT can be for older cars. I will not use the names of other makes in future on this page. Just to say I rate the Saab V4 as one of the best cars ever.

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