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19/04/2004 12:41:15   Jim   After three months and around 1500 spent I have had to take my 94 off the road and am looking to replace the V4 with another engine. Does anyone have any advice, recommendations for a suitable engine. I know the V6 should fit. I take it that I am looking for an Essex V6.  
19/04/2004 13:49:17   Alistair   NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!

You can try fitting an Essex V6 but you won't get far. If you must go the V6 route then you need the German Cologne V6 which is really just a V4 and a half. You'll need to find a new location for the rad, bodge up an exhaust, and make sure you have a good supply of gearboxes. You'll also have an incredibly nose-heavy car which will have a tendency to go straight on into the nearest ditch when you throw it at a bend.

What on earth is making you want to do this anyway? Why would you want to replace the V4 with anything but another V4?  
19/04/2004 14:09:55   Jim   I have become somewhat disillusioned with the V4 and was looking for something with more pull, better fuel comsumptiona and more reliabliility. I love the 96 for its shape and am not precious about the rest.  
19/04/2004 17:08:33   Richard   A std v4 engine can be modified for more power without costing the Earth. Carb, ported heads and a better exhaust should see some usefull power without lowering the MPG too much (could improve it).
If you are in no hurry then you can do this lot yourself, the only cost being any worn parts, top end gaskets, carb and exhaust (I would recomend you pull the lot apart and check bearings, oil pump, piston, bores and rings etc).  
19/04/2004 18:05:15   john wyatt   My present 1740 with stage 3 heads etc. is the most economical V4 engine I have had.

19/04/2004 18:38:54   ian   2 stroke??  
20/04/2004 09:00:08   bill rawles   I'll go along with the others on that. I've never diven a v6 conversion but logic says its not the way to go. I'm currently getting 99bhp and 95ib/ft from my 1800 v4, any more than this and I reckon the balance of the car would be thrown in that you would start needing serious suspension and brake upgrades. If you want a sports car go and buy a sports car, you eventually just have to accept that a 96 isn't one!! As a parting thought, how about the Alfa flat four range if you must change the engine? Roughly the same size and weight, the 1700 had 110bhp from memory and if you can transplant the gearbox as well you get a 5 speed. Get your spanners out!!  
20/04/2004 11:52:23   Jim   Thanks for all your advice. I had to agree with the get a sports car comment. I'll give the Saab Sanctuary a call.  
20/04/2004 17:02:39   ian f   Peter Edwards grafted an Alfa lump and gearbox into a V4 - he made it sound like a relatively straightforward conversion.  

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