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20/09/2002 17:31:18   Alec   Anybody know what size socket fits the hub nut for the rear brake drums.

I have to do the rear brakes next week and just remembered struggling last time as I did not have the correct socket.

23/09/2002 11:25:43   Louis   If I am not mistaken it is 28 mm for the rear and a massive 33 mm for the front!  
23/09/2002 11:33:09   Alec   Thanks Louis, you are a star. I will go and get myself a new socket before I start.
24/09/2002 02:01:22   Louis   No Problemo!!!  
09/10/2002 08:49:16   Tom   Louis, do you know what size the handbrake adjusting nut is and where such a spanner can be obtained from?  
09/10/2002 21:14:56   louis Alias Nutman!   Sorry but I couldn't resist!
Inside the car use a standard 14mm spanner/socket on the rear drums on my car I have one side 6mm square and the other 8mm square (but you can use a standard open ended spanner)...
See ya guys!  

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