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20/04/2004 14:23:30   jonny   when SAAB national event this year, if I am able to attend I will join the club again!.  
20/04/2004 16:18:50   Alistair   So that's why you didn't see my article in Driver about wing beading then!

It's in June (weekend of 19th I think) this year and in Keswick. Not many people going that I know of as for some bizarre reason they've moved it from the traditional slot during the school hols???

Get your wallet out and send in your subs you stingy so & so, at least then you get to laugh at my bi-monthly attempts at V4-related humour and other people's anecdotes.  
20/04/2004 16:38:35   jonny   I know I am mean but you have to be if you would want to keep a fleet of old scrap on the road, anyway it is about time I joined again, my membership expired along with the Ediburgh and Lothians branch  
20/04/2004 17:27:45   Richard   Talking about branches our branch is as near as dead, I ended up running it because nobody wanted the job. I enjoy going to Slaithwaite Motor Club a lot more now.  
20/04/2004 23:08:16   David   We're going - for the first time since joining the SOC. Will probably be in a GM-Saab though as i probably won't have a V4 on the road by then.  
20/04/2004 23:49:06   ian f   I didn't know 'Slowit' had a motor club. I suppose the village has been gentrified and gone upmarket since they started filming that bl**dy awful TV series there. Where do you meet?  
21/04/2004 08:00:53   Richard   We meet on the outskirts, so I dont know the place that well. The motor club meet at the Grange, Grange Moor on every Tuesday (has its own web page, latest activities are a service crew challenge and an economy run, all are fun, not too serious). The branch meets at the Three Nunns Mirfield once a month on a Tuesday (see driver). If anyone wants to go to the branch please let me know beforehand as at the moment meetings are a bit patchy.  
11/06/2004 10:00:17   Jan   The National is in June as it was the only W/E we could get the club, anyway the international is in August we'll all be there!  
14/06/2004 12:31:24   Richard   I can not make the national this year. I have a rally to attend on Sat which will make driving up to the lakes a bit of a long weekend.
I am sure you will have a good weekend, wish I could have come in the now finished White car, it would have been good to drive it one night over the Hardknot pass.  

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