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21/04/2004 18:18:44   Simon   Ya ya Ya! I want one with twin side draft webbers, trumpets, sonnet box (several), perspex side windows, four pot calipers, ohh yes nitrous injection. . . I want it all now.
I've been driving like a mad~man; testing how little mpg I might not achieve, having fitted a new set of 99 front dampers on the 96. Much easier to keep her on four wheels. N' I like it :-)  
22/04/2004 07:55:30   Richard   About 10mpg with mixed driving, madman/normal.  
22/04/2004 11:16:46   Senor Burt   I wouldn't lust after a Sonnet gearbox too much. I hear that the ring and pinion in a lot more prone to breaking than the standard V4.
If you get the valve gear sorted so you can rev it higher, you should get a decent top speed anyway. Otherwise look out for a rally gearset.  

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