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23/04/2004 16:19:35   James Ayres   I am always interested in the views expressed on this site, so here's a tough one. How many 96s are there out there which are still as the manufacturer intended? Although I say mine is totally original, I still have electronic ignition. Does this still qualify as original? How many 96s have better carbs, sports exhausts, and the like? I know that's 3 questions. Any thoughts?  
23/04/2004 18:46:49   Alec   Well, when I rebuilt mine I went to huge lengths to keep it original. Recently I did put the Jetex exhaust on it but my excuse for this is it is in the original Sport and Rally pattern that SAAB offered as an accessory at the time. Even my 8 track is a period accessory.  
23/04/2004 21:13:15   james w   My 67 96 is completly unmodified. Standard exhaust, Solex carb, original engine. I'm not bothered about going faster its the way it looks that matters  
23/04/2004 22:05:32   john wyatt   I was out in my mates car tonite it is completely genuine with 22000 miles on it, my own 96 is heavily modded for speed, like everything it is horses for courses, his car is quiet and comfy, mines is noisy would, shake your fillings out and great fun.  
25/04/2004 21:16:55   James Ayres   I take james w point on board. The 96 is a fine looking car, I am constantly amazed at how many people comment! However, mine, although standard, goes like stink! So all round I'm a happy motorist. Would the 96 register know how many are standard?  
26/04/2004 09:50:50   Alistair   I don't have any particular details recorded about mods, apart from what people put on their forms (and many of these have been filed for years and probably out of date anyway). I think it's fair to say that most V4s out there are fairly standard, but there are also a reasonable number of modded cars, from the simple end of tuning such as carb/exhaust right up to the 145+bhp monsters, plus the odd V6 & turbo conversion or "convertible" 96!!  
26/04/2004 14:58:53   steve h   This is a very interesting point. What I think marks V4 owners out against most other 'old' car owners is their willingness to be pragmatic and fit a modern part if it does the same or better job without worring too much about originallity anaraksia. After all, it's what saab did in the first place when they built the car. They built planes, so they used what they could from the factory (ashtrays?) and popped down the motor factors for the rest. That's why you need both metric and imperial spanner sets and can still get the bits off the shelf in Halfords.  
26/04/2004 17:16:27   Senor Burt   Some folks like their cars original, some are willing to compromise originality in the cause of increased reliability and/or performance. I fall very much in the latter camp. I don't give a stuff about originality. Give me electronic ignition, a twin choke Weber and a howitzer exhaust any day of the week.
I don't think it's a V4 owner thing particularly, it's just that they benefit greatly from mods to improve the handling and performance, like Minis or MKI/II Escorts(but much better).
There would be no point for instance, fitting uprated suspension or a tuned engine to an Austin Allegro or Vauxhall Victor.  
26/04/2004 17:18:08   Richard   I have a nice std car and fully blown thing! The STD car is great for crusing around in, quite, handles nice and is reliable, great for summer days in the country. The fully blown thing gives you a headache, sounds like WW2 fighter, gives you a good arm and leg workout (the steering is twice as heavy as a normal V4 due to LSD) and roast you alive (melted my rubber floor mat on the stripped out bare floor last summer).
Alister are you going to the track day, I put the engine back in after the gearbox rebuild yesterday (we now have freewheel back). She is running OK, so we will be in the green'un with tyres that will not grip (well there is no fun in a glued car), fancy a ride in it, I will print off some extra sign your life away forms if that is the case (and if bookatrack will let us).  
26/04/2004 21:49:21   Alistair   Rich, I was just about to mail you about Sunday, you must be pysch(ot)ic or summat.

Yep I'll be there, not sure if for whole day or part yet (still negotiating pass-out!!!). Didn't get my act together in terms of finding a cheap V4 to use (well, found one but it was 250 miles away so didn't get round to viewing/buying it...) so will definitely be up for a ride. What time does it kick off at Elvington? I see Mr Wyatt's name down on the list also, plus a 95 2T!  
27/04/2004 12:33:35   Richard   BMC rallied Allegro's, so someone thought it was a good idea?! I like the V8 Marina Coupe that was built with a MG v8 engine under the bonet. What about the Landcrab (did well in long distance events) and the DAF 44 along with the Vauxhall VX90. These were all factory prep for rallying in their day.
28/04/2004 10:53:17   Senor Burt   That may well be the case Richard. It doesn't mean that most if not all of the vehicles you mention weren't still a bit on the cr*p side.
I stick by my original statement. There was no point though was there really. Except to prove that they were still pretty cr*p after the mods.  
28/04/2004 12:26:50   Richard   The Vauxhall and the landcrab were OK the rest were some of the most daft rally cars ever. Rover SD1 anyone.....  
04/05/2004 18:12:01   Simon   One of my favourite things about SAAB 96's, is simply the style and design.
One only has to change the colour to achieve a different 'identity'. How many cars can claim that? Most just look like the same 'identity' in a different colour.
To further this point, not much has to be changed in order to aquire a new personality with these cars - testiment to the harmonious 'completeness' of masterful design.
With reference to the lead Q:
My car has downgrades (chrome/brightwork, antiroll bar...) as well as ups (carb, exhaust, 99/900 dampers, zinc etch, stainless fixings, bespoke interior...)
I address my constant tinkering to improve the experience and to this end must be not too dissimilar to the factory philosophy/practice and approach.  
04/05/2004 22:00:12   James Ayres   Very interesting idea! The 96v4 philosophy. I hadn't thought of we v4 owners as philosophers! But now that I think of it... We must only drink from the v4 cup when all other cups provide no succour! Or how about... When a v4 sports exhaust howls and there's no one there, does it make a noise? Or... After the handbrake turn of life we must always remain going forwards!  
06/05/2004 10:44:33   Alistair   OK this is getting too deep for me!!  
06/05/2004 16:25:57   James Ayres   And just how deep can a v4 owner go? To the very depths!  
07/05/2004 12:47:24   Richard   Must try driving the 96 of a ferry to see how deep we can go.  
10/05/2004 15:57:03   Alistair   I believe that's more a habit of 9-3s and 9-5s, to the bottom of the English Channel, though they did stay in the ferry...!!!  
10/05/2004 16:43:52   Richard   Yes but just think they were stuck with all those German cars. Watch out for the beach towels boys.  

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