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26/04/2004 12:40:50   Steve B   Dear Saabers,
I've been trying to locate an oil leak on my 96 for some time and have finally realsised it is coming from the output shaft seal on the gearbox. The leak is only on one side (passenger side).
I thought seals nomally went when there was play in the bearings but the output shafts seem rigid when I test them.
Is this seal easy to replace ?
Where can I get a replacement seal ?
Do you recommend replacing the bearings as well (engine out job) ?
Thanks as always.  
26/04/2004 15:09:55   steve h   Been there: Done that.
The leak is only on the passenger side as that is where it spins off the flywheel.
They tend to go when the bronze bearing in the flywheel locating the end of the input shaft is warn of left out.
Yes, it is easy to replace. (once you have the engine out)
A sharp screwdriver dispaches the old one. Gentle pressure, a flat ended rod tapped round the perimeter and a light mallet install the new one. It grounds nicely itself.
Give Ken and Mel an ring. Number above.
Which other bearing do you mean and how were you going to do this job with the engine in??  

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