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26/04/2004 12:47:47   Steve   Another question for you all !
The sills on my 96 seem in good order but to keep them that way I was going to put cavity wax in them. Has anyone done this ? I was wondering what product was best to use ? Does anyone know a better way to protect the sills ?
Steve B....  
26/04/2004 12:54:14   Richard   supertrol then a wax product  
26/04/2004 16:18:31   simon   I had a lot of Waxoyl to hand so got it nice and warm and put a gallon in each side, under pressure, while treating the whole stripped shell. Car must be heavier now but I did'nt want to be on a maintainace squedule with this job;) I believe Richard's mention to be of a better make (Swedish).  
26/04/2004 17:01:22   Richard   The supertrol is a thin liquid that runs through all the seams, therefore protects between spot welded panels. I let this set then use a thicker product where required (as Simon says, Waxoyl). I did a small artical for the driver a few months back, it has photo's using Tom's car. Alister may be able to send it to this page if he get the SOC to verify this. The other option is to go to a company like Simon Jackson (too many Simon's) runs, see (A bad plug for our sponsor, who is also a Saab nut).  
26/04/2004 21:09:15   Alistair   No reason at all why Richard's feature couldn't be published here, I'll send it to Alec to add, under "technical" I guess. Should probably do that with a few more articles. But if you join the Club you'll get this sort of thing earlier...!!!  
26/04/2004 21:23:31   simon   I should have mentioned; the initial injections were thined with lots of white spirit.  
29/04/2004 18:13:29   Alec   Alistair has posted me the document and I will get it up on the site when I have a bit of spare time.  

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