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26/04/2004 21:52:17   Alistair   So far I can see Richard Simpson (Monsterly quick green 96V4) and Jonny Wyatt (shiny red not-quite-so-monsterly-quick-but-very-respectable-nonetheless 96V4) are joining the hoards of 900s, 9000s and VauxSaab stuff at Elvington. I'm going along to watch and to cadge a ride in the green Monster, anyone else coming?  
27/04/2004 00:26:46   john   Sadly I will not make Elvington this week, there is no way I can realistically finish putting the rest of the 96 back together and getting it MOT'd before the weekend due to my other commitments, hope everyone has a good day.  
27/04/2004 12:53:32   Richard   The driving starts at 10:00, but you will need to be there for 9:00-9:30 to sign on, this includes passengers. I am quite willing to give a ride to anyone that turns up and has signed the forms.
27/04/2004 17:06:20   Richard   You will have to have covered arms and legs. Tip dont bring your fleace and long-johns in the car with you.  

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