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23/09/2002 21:43:17   jake   anybody know the price and the wherabouts of steel wheel replacements for the front end of the v4 can they still be bought?  
24/09/2002 02:04:28   louis   I think you can get them quite easily I got mine in germany in a shop called 'the old parts shop' if you want i can try and find the number for you...  
24/09/2002 08:25:14   Alec   Got to the links page and select 'Rolfs Spare Parts' . They are listed there.
I have bought from him before with no bother.  
26/09/2002 14:25:51   Steve H   BEWARE - I have fitted fibre timing gears from the old parts shop before and they completely disintegrated after 15k miles. They also seem to have slightly different tolerances. They do good 1700 crankshafts though (combined with ford focus low comp pistons and a warmer cam makes a nice engine)  
03/10/2002 22:09:40   Louis   The old parts shop is not to blame! Fibre gears even new from ford strip in less than 15K miles! The idea of the fibre is to reduce noise but I have a aluminium set and it is almost quieter than before... Steve is right jake, in that you should definitly not go for fibre gears! All the best happy Saabing!  
05/10/2002 11:37:48   Louis   Oh by the way one of the problems of stripping timing gears can be a too tighter fan belt, this puts exessive pressure on the gears. So if its a fibre one it will strip faster, my original one lasted 150 000 kms then stripped...
Bye for now...  
26/04/2003 00:22:13   Bruce Johnson   I am looking for 1700 pistons and rings. Anyone know where to get them in the US?  
26/04/2003 16:51:36   Mikko   Bruce, try Ford Pinto pistons (2,0 l or 121 cid)mentioned earlier in this forum. They are 90,4 mm in diameter standard, so they fit well to 0,4 mm oversize V4 block. They are slightly higher so you get also higher compression ratio. As far as I know, V4 piston pin is the same size.  
26/04/2003 20:52:56   ian   Louis,
Where did you get your alloy timing wheels from? Have you got their part numbers?
27/04/2003 11:12:12   louis   Sorry Ian I don't have a part number but try contacting they are specialists for german ford taunus which had the 1500cc and 1700cc V4s like those fitted to Saabs. I got my timing gears from them. The cam and balance shaft ones are alloy and the crank gear is a form of steal. What is good with is the you can order on line... Hope this will help, see ya

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