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03/05/2004 13:05:12   Richard   I was the only V4 there but I think people seemed to like the old girl. I was running a joke with Steve at Malbrads that I was going to find the worst tyres to use on tarmac. On went a set of 3yrs old Colway M&S, these things were so hard that they grip less than Barums.
Day events; nearly hit the sighting car (he decided to do an extra lap and also looked like he was going in the pit lane).
Got the car 45deg when Alister was passenger banged it back down on the ground so hard rhe gear linkage pulled in two.
Fixed gear linkage with 3 layers of Steve's mudflap.
Blew the front tyre out on the last run right in front of everyone (probably anoyed the book-a-track Hitler woman as me and Steve were rolling on the floor laughing at the time).
Other noticable cars were the Nobles and Lotus that were running as part of Gordon Lambs crew.
Tyrone in the Malbrad classic 900 rally machine, along with the Corrado and a very quick 9000. The 96 held up well to these two being only a bit slower round the track, I think they were a bit supprised I was running M&s tyres.
There was a guy running a 360 Modena which was quick.  
04/05/2004 07:55:25   Richard   No no two strokes and no new 9-3 sports saloons, which I think shows people are more into the older 9000's and before cars.  
06/05/2004 10:21:22   Alistair   I had a great ride, lots of fun. MANY THANKS, RICHARD!

Glad you got the linkage sorted eventually, wish I hadn't had to go so early...

I'm still trying to find out if anyone got a picture of us up on 2 wheels!!!  

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