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04/05/2004 08:58:43   jonny   I require a complete pair of reversing lights can anyone help.

Thanks jonny  
04/05/2004 13:51:23   steve h   Do you have new wings to put them in or are the holes already there?
The reason I ask is that 'mini' type bullet lights look allot better and are, of course, available at every car shop. I fitted them to mine when I restored it and they look as if they were intented by the factory.  
04/05/2004 22:25:53   john   The holes are already there presently taped over.  
13/05/2004 00:15:19   Simon   I've got a pair you can have - free.

They're not brilliant ( I can send pics ) - but they won't cost you anything.

Have you had any thoughts about your roof rack - I sent a reply to your hotmail account, and it's taken this long to find you in the Forum - I'm a bit of a novice!


14/05/2004 10:25:19   jonny   Hi Simon, that is great re the reversing lights,I will send my address to your email, re the roof rack I will probably fit it on this weekend and decide what I am going to do will let you know if I am going to keep it.

18/05/2004 13:06:32   Simon   I haven't got your address yet, once I've got it - I'll send them to you and you can see if they of any use.

I look forward to hearing how you get on with the rack!

You can e-mail me on:


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