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04/05/2004 23:02:52   paul H   Can anyone tell me what the correct battery is for a '69 V4? Someone suggested 'one that fits' but I rather know.

I'd prefer a Bosch, as I use EuroCarParts, the 96 is listed as a model they supply parts for, but theres nothing under 'battery'.  
05/05/2004 10:09:49   Senor Burt   I used to find that the listed battery was always far too big to fit in the tray.
I just go to my local car shop or auto electricians and get the biggest one that will fit.  
09/05/2004 10:41:58   David   I bought one from Halfords (57) recently - fits fine - part no HB071.  
14/05/2004 14:15:21   steve h   After many years of messing with odd types to replace the type that I originallly inherited, My local friendly motor factors offered up a selection and found the most common type (type 75) fitted like a glove (or should that be hand in a glove). I had a type 71 as above in it before but it was quite small and slopped around if not restrainded tightly. Mind you, My cars are both 74s.  

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