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10/05/2004 11:25:12   ERIK   As i bought my car the previous owner had the radiator replaced but forgot (?) to reconnect the headlamp wiper motor. Can anyone tell me what is the right way to connect the 4 wires ( brown, black, red and yellow )for example from top to bottom ? The car is a '78 96.  
10/05/2004 13:30:20   toby   from the top
brown to pin 53
yellow to pin 31a
red to pin 53a
black to pin 31
got this from the saab service manual if this is any use.  
10/05/2004 18:45:21   Steve B   I just checked my car. What Toby said is correct.  
11/05/2004 11:18:13   ERIK   Thanks for the replies, I will reconnect them this evening.  

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