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11/05/2004 08:56:21   john wyatt   myself and a few friends are trying to arrange an informal trip to Sweden/ Trollhatten next yr, plan so far is to leave 25th April (I think) spend about 4days in Sweden touring around and then back on the ferry to Newcastle, costs for ferry and accomodation look about 700 per couple, mainly due to ferry costs, any advice particularly on getting a better ferry deal appreciated, anyone else more than welcome to come along.

11/05/2004 12:34:53   Richard   I might be interested in going.  
11/05/2004 20:23:49   ian   sounds interesting?  
17/05/2004 23:56:24   Alistair   Doesn't the Club have some travel deals available with North Sea or DFDS os summat? I'll check with me Mum as she was always organising jaunts to the continent before she gave it up.  

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