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13/05/2004 20:30:20   Alistair   Had a chap from Nottingham asking what length fan belt, or ideally what part number, he should get if he replaces his fan with a Kenlowe job. He felt it needed to be about 100cm but wanted a more accurate answer.

He also wanted to know some info about fitting an electric fuel pump - he doesn't use the car that much & when he does, he thinks it takes a while to prime the carb. Does he need to blank off the mechanical pump or just remove the drive rod? Is there a car he could get one off from a scrappy & just fit - my answer was it's probably easier to buy a new Facet pump or similar, but if anyone knows different...

Anyone got any suggestions? (Rich??)  
14/05/2004 13:59:56   steve h   From memory 975. And I did try and electric fuel pump for a while but made the mistake of fitting in the engine bay, I didnt like the idea of presurised fuel lines passing though the car body. It lasted, oo.. hours. I refitted the old mechnical one and haven't looked back since. Yes you do need to crank away a bit if its been standing, but if you keep your car outside and use a solar battery conditioner (Maplins) it shouldn't be a problem. At least when the mechanical pumps go, its over a while (weeks) with lots of warning. Electric pumps just stop dead leaving you stranded.  
17/05/2004 08:08:05   Richard   I agree with Steve, the belt is around the 975 length. I have fitted single electric pumps to a number of road cars and not had any bad experience, but I always would fit twin pumps to anything you want to be bullet proof. I only use one of my Saabs occasionally with a mech pump and that seems fine. The white car is fitted with a Granada pump for extra supply (only for mod cars). You will have to remove the drive rod and blank off the pump hole to fit an electric pump. Probably best to fit the pump under the rear seat, box it in with alloy and seal this to the car. Use proper screw fittings on the fuel line rather than that useless clip. I used copper pipes and sealed off all the tank with alloy on the white car.  
17/05/2004 23:54:44   Alistair   Thanks chaps, will pass this on 8-)  
26/05/2004 18:35:56   Gus   Mmm interesting, one of my current 'areas of consideration' in the 96 rebuild I'm doing. I had intended to run with an electric Facet pump and have blanked off the mechanical pump area with a chunk of appropriately cut aly...however having read the S&R manual in more detail it seems they used a longer drive rod and fitted some sort of gasket to prevent the thing getting too hot. Anyone got any experience of this mod? If so what is the gasket material and thickness etc... My engine will probably need more fuel as it's an 1815 with twin choke webber, so I'm keen to get this right.  
27/05/2004 07:54:40   Richard   For normal road use I would think the std rod and gasket would be fine. Otherwise I would make a spacer plate out of something that does no conduct heat too well and that does not compress, use a std gasket either side of this and make a new rod to suit. They may be something off one of the Ford engines that bolts straight on, worth ringing up Burtons and explaining what you are wanting to do.  
27/05/2004 15:50:57   Alistair   My old 'un had the S&R extended rod and a ~4mm spacer, it was just a piece of low-conductivity plastic, nothing special that I could see. The S&R manual was derived when electric pumps were not that common/reliable.  

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