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15/05/2004 09:45:17   Steve   Running a 1971 V4 it's had a new clutch about 8 months ago. Worked fine for 5 months then started crunching going into 1st and reverse. It now gets stuck in reverse and you have to give it a real knock. We've decided it's a clutch problem and changed the seals in both cylenders. We've noticed that the cluch pedel travel seems to be restricted it only goes around half way down and no longer pushes onto the carpet even now we,ve droped the engine out. Can anybody help? it would be great if someone could check the amount of movment on their clutch pedel as we can't remeber how far it used to go. Thanks Steve  
17/05/2004 07:53:17   Steve   Hi Steve,
I had a similar problem on a recently purchased 96. In my case clutch pedal would not touch the floor and the restricted movement didn't give enough travel to engage reverse with the engine running. When I looked at the clutch pedal I found that the pin that connects the pedal to the cylinder was fitted back to front by the previous owner. This meant that the long end of the pin was fouling on a piece of bodywork. It's a bit difficult to explain but was obvioius once you looked at it. If you just replaced the master cylinder seals, then check this pin went back the correct way round. Hope this helps.  
18/05/2004 13:53:48   steve h   Not wanting to be left out of this Steve-fest, i thought I would put my oar in.
Hi Steve and Steve,
You may also have bent your operating rod within the bell housing or the release bearing may have come uncliped.
If you peel back the rubber on the slave (!) and then have someone press the clutch pedal, does the slave piston come right to the end of the cylinder against the cirlclip? If it does, there are problems in the bell housing requiring the engine out. If not, check your pedal. However if it is the former, you can temporarily fix the problem with washers behind the slave but you still have a major problem somewhere in the bell housing.
Good luck  
18/05/2004 16:57:01   Gareth Ware   Been there done this - right pain and embarrassing when leaving the lights. It is probably one of two things. If the car has been fitted with a replacement clutch it is likely it is not up to the job. The SACHS one is probably the best but still the three legs go out of alignment due to wear in the springs. I would recommend the splined modified clutch which I got from Highgate - far better feel.

This is probably the problem - however when I fitted the modified clutch I did change the clutch release bearing operating arm. Over time a ridge wears in this, not easy to notice, but can mean the release bearing does not exert pressure squarely onto the clutch release plate.  
20/05/2004 14:38:17   Steve   Thanks for the advice especially everyone called Steve. Someones had a look at it and discovered a problem with the slave cylender sticking. They clean it out with emery paper and now the pedel moves all the way down. Just got to put it all back together - Fingers crossed we should be back on the road for the nice weather.  
21/05/2004 14:13:04   steve h   Why do you want on the road for the nice weather? It will overheat. You want on the road for crap weather.  

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