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17/05/2004 18:36:16   ian f   This wouldn't be an unashamed plug for yourself would it?

18/05/2004 07:53:58   Richard   Que bending the set on your car the day after you sell them.  
18/05/2004 12:26:39   Tom   Don't i just know it, but i've got to fund the head gasket work without dipping into holiday funds.  
18/05/2004 12:59:38   ian f   You make it sound like an expensive head gasket job. Or are you having something special done?

I've got a Vege recon engine with less than 5000 miles on it that I might consider PXing for a set of Ronal/Minilites or Highgate replicas.
18/05/2004 13:32:27   Tom   Ian, coverting to lead free and uprating at same time.  
18/05/2004 23:57:29   Tom   By the way, these wheels are being sold without the hubcaps. Does anyone know of any manufacturers who might make the minilite style chrome hubcaps with a diameter of 103mm. Minilite themselves only make them up to 75mm.  
19/05/2004 00:24:44   Alistair   You could have offered them on here first !!!  
19/05/2004 10:27:17   Tom   I know, but i was not sure of the value because i've never seen a set being sold on here or on eBay in the four years i have been driving a V4. eBay seemed like the better forum to avoid bartering and offers of swaps. I may have access to more and would consider offering them here once i have a measure of the market value.  
23/05/2004 20:08:50   ian   thought i had them at 505 but they got you have any more at that price? if so really need them...regards  
24/05/2004 13:09:42   Tom   I'm planning on going to Sweden soon to get some parts for my Jubilee and will keep you in mind.

24/05/2004 18:47:24   ian   oh thanks a lot.....cant wait  
04/06/2004 13:47:35   Alistair   So who got 'em, anyone we know?  
04/06/2004 15:41:09   Senor Burt   Satchcar. Which if he's who I think it is, is an American gentleman.  
05/06/2004 18:02:40   Tom   He drives for Rally Team Alaska.  
06/06/2004 13:25:09   David   I could be interested in a set (in slow time) for the long-term project (75 95V4). Trying to persuade the missus that we need a holiday in Sweden, too! Somewhere where trolls hang out .........  

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