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20/05/2004 11:11:22   Steve B   Dear Saabers,
I've just purchased some nice old Raydyot spot lights for my 96. I plan to wire them in parallel and each one has a 55w bulb. They will be wired via a relay to the main beam and will of course be fused. I think the extra load may be in the order of 10 Amps.
My question is - is the standard alternator up to supporting this extra load ? I've been reading other threads about people upgrading their altenators to 75 amp etc... Is this required with the extra wiring I am planing ?
An electric cooling fan is also part of my long term plan. Would this AND the spot lights be too much for the standard alternator ?
Any help appreciated.
20/05/2004 19:50:40   Alistair   It should be fine. May be worth upgrading when you fit the electric fan but even then I doubt if you'll have any trouble.  
21/05/2004 14:16:22   steve h   Dont worry, I had twin 100w cibe oscar pluses (the only proper spots you can still open the bonnet with and they are chrome) fitted for years running with the standard alternator and an electric fan  
21/05/2004 14:46:31   Steve B   Good information - Thanks guys  
22/05/2004 19:47:57   ian   i actually run 100w oscars on a dynamo/...just about gets me through the night as long as i switch to side lights at every control!!  

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