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24/05/2004 09:52:57   Steve B   I have a leaking gearbox on my 96. The output seal has gone on the nearside.
I have a replacement seal from Highgate but should I be concerned about the diff bearings ?
How can I check the diff bearings ? When a try and rock the output shaft I can feel some end float and some backlash but no side-to-side movement. Is this OK ?
There's no whining to speak of from the gearbox but the speedo needle does wobble a bit at low speed.
If I do have to replace the diff bearings how hard is it ?
Any input much appreciated.
27/05/2004 17:09:15   Richard   I take it by backlash and end float you mean when you rotate the shaft? There will be some backlash on the crown and pinion gears(holding both drives and turning at the same time)and on the diff action (rotating only one shaft).
I would ring Highgate, Saab restoration company, or Graham McDonald and ask if they could put you in contact with Chris Partington (gear box guru and general good guy). He has a link setup with these specialists to rebuild boxes. You need to speak to Chris and there is no reason any of the companies would stop you from doing this. He will be able to tell you what to check and what the setting tolerances are and if you have anything to worry about.
If you have a problem email me on and I will put you in touch (dont have his No at work).  
27/05/2004 19:36:38   ian   Steve,
Your needle wobble might be down to the speedo cable.

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