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24/05/2004 21:56:45   Iain Campbell   Does anyone have a system for sale or know who stocks them? Highgate say they can't get them at the moment. It's really just the back box I need at the moment as that is rusted through. Though I'm sure the rest will follow suit.
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25/05/2004 07:24:01   ian   got mine through local factor in south need to find a factor who deals with them in your area  
25/05/2004 10:17:00   john wyatt   Hi Iain last time I checked even Halfords said they could get this system, although I have have never had one personally I understand they do not last very long. maybe better trying to get a "Simons" system.

25/05/2004 12:41:08   Nesnah   Halfords in Bishopbriggs quoted me recently, but said delivery would take some time.  
25/05/2004 19:36:23   Alistair   Last one I had with a Jetex, when the back box rotted out I just went down the local exhaust place and found one that fitted, plus a bit of pipe to join 'em up. Cost me about 15 I think, and with a foot of 2" OD stainless steel as a tailpipe looked good too. But I am a cheapskate...  
26/05/2004 18:26:33   Gus   I'm afraid I may be quilty as I bought one of only 2 remaining in the UK from Jetex direct last week - worth trying them though ( If you're really in trouble I think the old back box I had from my previous Jetex system was OK though I haven't seen it in a while (this is a re-build project!). I'm in East Sussex.  
26/05/2004 21:34:19   Iain Campbell   Thanks for the support everyone. i've come to a similar conclusion to Alistair. My mate has offered/threatened to concoct something out of bits that he has refused to throw away on the grounds that "they may come in handy one day." Whilst I would cheerfully recycle something that bolts straight on in preference to something that doesn't...I'm in Scotland. Thanks for the thought Gus  

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