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26/05/2004 18:29:15   Gus   Anyone know where to source a suitable fuel pipe to run from the filler to the tank on a 96? Doing a rebuild and the old one looks pretty dodgy (like many of the bits!) Any suitable pipe would do I guess but no one seems to stock this stuff anymore (something to do with modern cars having injection moulded tanks with integral fillers).  
27/05/2004 16:56:04   Richard   I would see if anyone has one on this page. Otherwise take the old pipe or make measurements and go to a local autojumble and get some HEAVY walled pipe. Usually one can find something off another car that has the correct dimensions. Just remember rubber perishes and auto jumble bits can be old, but in this case I think you may find a suitable pipe. We found one for the Skoda at Newark the other day (Ooops said the S word).
The other option is to try and find an old motor factors (not Halfords type) one that has been going years, they may have some odd bits of pipe.  
02/06/2004 00:16:44   Simon   When I changed my cars' rubber I found that motorfactors were off the shelf with all items under the hood but could not/would not even order the fuel filler pipe. A trip to a breakers resulted in several MY 02/03 vans being suitable donors and at 50p a pipe, well recieved.
ps my old filler pipe looked fine but was actually porus - noticable on filling up.  
06/06/2004 09:33:22   Gus   Thanks guys, appreciate your thoughts....excuse ignorance but what are the 'MY 02/03' vans you mention Simon, can't work out that acronym!  
06/06/2004 13:17:26   David   You may also be able to pick up suitable pipes by going to the Classic or Retro cars shows (or maybe autojumbles where classics are catered-for. I saw a "specialist" fuel pipe stand at Stoneleigh last year. "MY" = model year - I assume that Simon means that lots of vans/trucks have lengthy rubber pipes between filler cap and tank. Worth a try. I aslso asume that you're looking for rubber hose to fit between the filler fitting and the steel pipe that goes towards the tank - then there's anothe short rubber hose with clips. Or is it the steel bit you're looking for?  
06/06/2004 13:29:39   Gus   I have the steel bits OK - the tank part exits through the inner wing - it's the 'shaped' main hose I really need, the smaller/breather one is just standard section stuff. I might try the van route.  
08/06/2004 13:55:13   steve h   I got a second hand one recently from highgates. It's fine.  

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