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27/05/2004 19:48:52   Curtis   Have just obtained reconditioned / exchange calipers from Pentland Component parts in Edinburgh. They seem reasonable with the new springs looking tight. 47.00 including VAT seemed reasonable !. Ask for Gary 0131 228 4453 Just for everybodys info.  
28/05/2004 10:51:08   Alistair   As Erik might say - Bloddy hell!
Looks like a bargain to me  
28/05/2004 11:12:14   Curtis   Company doing the reconditioning is Brakes engineering and they don't appear to have any problems with springs or pistons. The quality seems excellent. Still bedding them in .  
28/05/2004 17:50:12   Alec   Thats less than I paid, I think mine came to about 55 with the VAT as I remember.  
04/06/2004 10:04:15   Tom   Are those prices per calliper?  

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